Articles and Publications

Securities & Capital Markets

A Boost Over the Wall, Corporate Financing Week, January 25, 2010
XBRL is Now Mandatory – A Primer for Security Lawyers, The Review of Securities & Commodities Regulation, October 2009
Impact of Recent Events on Mark-to-Market Accounting, BNA Accounting Policy and Practice Report, June 26, 2009
Section 3(a)(9) Exchange Offers, INSIGHTS, June 2009
Timely ‘Best Practice’ Disclosures for Your Compensation Discussion & Analysis, The Corporate Counsel, Vol XXIII Issue 1, January/February 2009

Corporate Finance

Recent Bankruptcy Court Ruling Has Major Implications for Structured Financing (8/17/2009)
Practical Considerations for Revised Rule 144
Practical Lessons Learned From the First 100 Days of Securities Offering Reform
Changes to New York Power of Attorney Law Could Have Broad Implications
, September 2009
SEC Mandates Use of XBRL for Financial Statements, June 4, 2009
Debt Exchange Lowdown, The Deal, April 4, 2009
“Exchange-Offer Alternatives for Issuers of Debt Securities,” Andrews Litigation Reporter, February 10, 2009
Companies Should Look Closely at Risk Factor Disclosure in Light of the Current Financial Crisis, February 10, 2009; A version of this article was republished in the March 2, 2009 Andrews’ Litigation Reporter
Key Considerations When Raising Expansion Stage Capital“, Reuters Venture Capital Journal


U.S. Federal Public-Policy Initiatives Favoring Private Cleantech Investment”, NVCA Venture Capital Review

Intellectual Property

‘Tiffany v. eBay’: Online Contributory Trademark Breach New York Law Journal, September 2008
Third Circuit Decision Clarifies Proper Use of Lapp Factors in Trade Dress Infringement Actions,” Intellectual Property Today, March 2008


“A Practical Look at Social Media Policies” Bloomberg Law Report-Technology Law, October 2009
“Technology-Related Initiatives in the New U.S. Administration” Convergence, October 2009
“Web Servers and Applications Are Increasingly Vulnerable to Attack New York Law Journal, July 2009
“New Economy as a Driver to Renegotiate Outsourcing Deals Supply Chain Management Review, June 2009
“The Effects of Blogging on Legal Proceedings New York Law Journal, May 2009
“Court Applies Hot News Doctrine to Online World New York Law Journal, April 2009
“Merchant Liability and Breaches In Payment Card Security Standards New York Law Journal, March 2009
“Technology Initiatives In the New Administration New York Law Journal, February 2009
“Renegotiation of Outsourcing Deals: Structured Method Works Best New York Law Journal, January 2009
“Data Breaches in Credit Card Transactions“  New York Law Journal, March 2009
“Digital Rights Managing, Content Identifying Via Hi-Tech New York Law Journal, November 2008
“Video-Sharing Web Sites and the DMCA Safe Harbor New York Law Journal, October 2008
‘Tiffany v. eBay’: Online Contributory Trademark Breach New York Law Journal, September 2008
“Developments Involving Telephone Consumer Protection” New York Law Journal, August 2008

Media and Entertainment

Glamorous Investments: Tax Advantage Still Available for Film Investments (12/04/09)
Minors’ Contracts in the Entertainment Industry (9/01/04)
Digital Performing Rights in Sound Recordings: The U.S. Experience (10/1/02)
The U.S. Digital Millenium Copyright Act in 2001: An Overview and a Personal Perspective (1/1/02)