LegalOnRamp Interview: The Impact of Technology on Legal Services

Exclusive Interview with

Steve Harmon, Senior Director of Legal Services, Cisco Systems Inc.


As the first of our ongoing series of featured interviews hosted by LegalOnRamp, we spoke with Steve Harmon, Senior Director of Legal Services at Cisco Systems Inc., who discussed the role technology plays in Cisco’s legal department.   Harmon explains how technology-based solutions have helped Cisco to reduce costs as well as facilitate collaboration with both in-house and outside counsel.

Harmon discusses some of the specific challenges faced by Cisco’s in-house and outside team of almost 175 lawyers, and how in response they developed, and later spun-off, LegalOnRamp’s ORX (OnRamp Exchange) solution.

He also discusses how collaborative technology platforms such as ORX have supported the shift to non-traditional billing and how he believes this trend will positively impact both law firms and their clients.

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